How to iron on cub scout patches

iron image by Eray Haciosmanoglu from

Cub Scout patches are traditionally sewn onto garments. However, in the modern era, there are other ways to attach these patches to Cub Scout uniforms without the use of a sewing machine. Most Cub Scout patches have a clear plastic material covering the back that can be melted onto the uniform using an iron.

The melted material cools, thereby permanently binding the patch to the uniform.

Slide the uniform onto your ironing board so that the area to be patched is faceup.

Turn on your iron to the appropriate temperature setting. Most patches are applied to cotton Cub Scout uniforms. Turn off the steam setting, if applicable.

Preheat the uniform where the patch will be placed. Press the heated iron onto the fabric and move in small circles for approximately 10 seconds.

Position the patch on the uniform. Ensure that the patch is positioned correctly, because removal after application is very difficult. Consult the Cub Scout manual or website for proper patch placement.

Place the waxed paper or pillowcase over the patch to protect the Cub Scout patch and uniform from accidental burning.

Press the iron onto the patch through the waxed paper or pillowcase. Apply light pressure and move the iron in small circles for approximately 25 seconds.

Use the point of the iron to press on the patch edges, securing the seal. Most Cub Scout patches are round or rectangular. Work around the edge with a slight back-and-forth motion.

Place the iron to the side and remove the waxed paper or pillowcase. Examine the edges of the patch to ensure a tight connection.