How to Find the Land Line Phone Carrier That Owns a Telephone Number

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If you are planning a move and want to know what phone companies are in your new city, or you just want to know which land line phone carrier owns a particular number, you can turn to the internet to find your answer. There are many search sites where you can look up personal information by searching for a phone number, and some of these sites will tell you the phone carrier that owns the phone number.

Visit to identify if a phone number is a land line or cellular number as well as the phone carrier who owns it. has only one field on the page where you enter the phone number. Press "Verify" to determine the phone company where the number is registered and the city where the phone company is located. allows up to 10 searches per day but removes that limit if you become a member of the site for a fee.

Log onto to determine the phone company that owns a telephone number. You can search for both U.S. and Canadian numbers as well as basic city information. To search for the phone company that owns a phone number, use the first search field on the page and enter the area code, prefix and the first digit of the last part of the number. will determine the city, state and telephone company that owns the number.

Visit to perform a reverse lookup on a phone number to determine who owns that number. Input the phone number that you want to look up in the box labelled "Reverse Phone Lookup" on the top of the main page. will give you the location and phone company associated with a phone number without having to purchase any of the reports that the site offers.

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