How to Appeal a Refused Visa in the UK

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If you have applied for a visa in the United Kingdom and your application has been refused, you have the right and the means to file an appeal with the UK Border Agency. This is especially true if there are human rights issues or other out-of-the-ordinary circumstances involved. If you need help with the process, Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner is in place to assist you on all levels.

Receive from the Entry Clearance Office three documents: the written Notice of Decision, the Notice of Appeal form IAFT-2, and a manual to assist you in filling out the Notice of Appeal form.

Choose whether to send the appeal to the visa section that refused the visa or the government body that oversees the whole process; this is the First-Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber), or IAFT.

Complete the form indicated as IAFT-2 within 28 days of receipt of the Notice of Refusal and include any other information that documents your reasons for believing that you should be granted a visa.

Contact the IAFT when you think it will have got your appeal form to find out the timing of your hearing, or wait for the agency to advise you by mail.

Present your case during the hearing and abide by the final decision, which you will either receive right there if the Entry Clearance Manager is now satisfied that you meet the entry requirements, or in the mail some time later.

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