How to Polish With Dremel

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It is easy to polish using your Dremel rotary tool along with the proper polishing bits and polishing compound. Using Dremel polishing compound helps to bring a high shine to most items that are made of metal and plastic, but polishing compound is not always needed.

If you do not have Dremel polishing tools, you can purchase them at locations where Dremel products are sold. You should follow the proper procedures when using a rotary tool for polishing.

Study the instructions for your Dremel rotary tool. You must know how to correctly use the Dremel rotary tool before beginning.

Set up your Dremel rotary tool and locate the correct polishing bits. You can use bits 414, 422, 423 and 429 for polishing. There are felt cone polishing bits, felt wheels and a polishing cloth bit that can be used for polishing.

Decide which bits you will need. The felt cone may be easier to use on rough surfaces and the felt wheel may be easier to use on smooth surfaces such as stone or ceramics. The cloth polishing bit is used for car detailing, polishing silverware, polishing door and window hardware and removing polishing compound.

Put on your safety glasses. This will help prevent particles from getting into your eyes.

Locate an inconspicuous area on the item that you are going to polish. You will need to do a test spot to make sure that your item will not be damaged while polishing. Performing a test will also let you know whether or not you will need to use polishing compound during the polishing process.

Insert the felt cone or felt wheel polishing bit into your Dremel rotary tool. Turn your rotary tool on to a low speed.

Hold your rotary tool in one hand while holding the item that you will be polishing with the other hand. If your item is too large to hold, lay it on a table.

Lay the felt polishing bit lightly onto the test area. Use a light side-to-side sweeping motion to polish and do not hold the polishing wheel in one spot too long. Turn your rotary tool off and check the area to see if it has been polished correctly. Continue polishing the rest of the item if you are happy with the results.

Apply Dremel 421 polishing compound only to plastic or metal items if needed by inserting a felt tip cone polishing bit into the polishing compound while the rotary tool is running on a low speed. Use only a small amount of polishing compound at a time.

Use the cloth polishing wheel to remove the remaining polishing compound after polishing is complete.