How to Remove White Deodorant Stains

man"s solid deodorant image by Jim Mills from

Deodorant can get on a garment due to a variety of reasons. The area that you applied deodorant to may rub up against the garment causing a stain. You may have inadvertently rubbed it against a garment when trying to put deodorant onto a specific body part. No matter how the deodorant got onto the garment, you can remove it. You will need to pretreat the area before you wash it to be able to successfully remove deodorant stains.

Pour 1/2 cup vinegar into a clean container. Do not dilute the vinegar or it will not clean as well.

Dip a cloth into the vinegar. You do not need to soak the cloth; just dampen it.

Rub the cloth onto the deodorant stain. If the stain is large, you may need to add more vinegar to the cloth.

Wash the garment by itself following label instructions.

Check the item to see if the deodorant stain is gone before you dry the garment. If any of the stain is still there, rub the garment with more vinegar and rewash.

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