How to Dress Like a Hippie Girl

happy hippie image by Ingrid Walter from

The hippie movement began in the 1960s in San Francisco, California, with a group of young people interested in rejecting the accepted cultural norms and political beliefs of the time and advocating for peace.

The movement spread across the United States and eventually became closely identified with a free spirit and a casual, relaxed style. The hippie style is still identifiable by certain items of clothing and dressing like a hippie girl is easy.

Think flowing and peaceful when picking out clothes to look like a hippie girl. Long, flowing skirts and dresses are an essential in every hippie girl's wardrobe. Tunic tops and peasant blouses also work.

Make or buy your own tie-dyed shirts, as these are almost as iconic as the hippie generation itself. You can purchase tie-dye kits at most craft or general retail stores or tie-dye shirts at many clothing stores or street fairs.

Wear a headband or put a flower in your hair. Long, flowing hair was also very popular during the hippie movement, so wear your hair long if possible to look like a hippie chick.

Look for fringe. Fringed items were very popular at the time, such as a fringed vest, jacket, skirt or boots. Many of these items can be found at vintage or consignment stores.

Add peace symbol on your clothing to identify you as a true hippie girl. Peace sign pins and buttons or peace sign earrings are common hippie accessories.