How to Correct a Filed Visa Application

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Filing a visa application can be a very tedious process. There is a large amount of paperwork and personal information that needs to be submitted when filing a visa application. If a mistake is made on a visa application, it can be a very lengthy process to fix. For visa applications that can be submitted online, such as the DS-160 nonimmigrant visa application, changes to the visa application can be very simple, as long as the changes were made prior to the interview process. After the interview with immigration and all documentation has been submitted with any application, changing the visa application can often mean refiling the visa application.

If your mistake was made on an electronic visa application form, log into your electronic visa application page. You will use the account that you created when you first filled out the application. Once you log in, make the appropriate changes to the electronic application page.

Save changes made to your electronic visa application. The changes made to the electronic visa application will be saved and refiled in the United States Department of State database. The visa application can be saved to your computer. By saving the visa application to the computer, you will have a second guarantee that your visa application changes were saved.

Print and sign the new confirmation page, then take the page to your immigration interview. During the visa application process, you will be required to go to an interview where an immigration officer will ask you about your reasons for entering the United States. During this interview, you must submit your application--if you were required to fill out an electronic application, you will submit your signed confirmation page--along with all other documentation that you had to compile. If you changed your electronic visa application, this is the time to turn in the most recent confirmation page.

Contact the embassy that you had your visa interview with. After the visa interview process, the only way to make a change on an electronic visa application or a paper application is through the immigration officer processing the application. After you contact the embassy, you will be directed to the immigration officer who is processing your application. The immigration officer will give further instructions on how to make the appropriate changes to the visa application.

Refile the visa application if the immigration officer cannot make the changes. If you completed an electronic visa application, you can complete this online just as before. Once you complete the application, print the new confirmation page and sign it.

Make another appointment for an interview and gather all appropriate documents. If the immigration officer requests that you refile the visa application, you must complete the entire visa application process over again. All documents that were submitted before must be submitted again. This includes the passport, passport photos, visa application confirmation page, money order for the visa application fee, a self addressed return envelope, and any other additional documentation requested by immigration officers. You will also have to undergo another interview with the immigration officer, at which point you will resubmit your application and all additional documentation.

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