How to Install a Wireless CCTV

cctv security camera. image by wrangler from

Maybe you need to keep an eye on your business or perhaps you just want to make your house a bit more secure. Whatever the case, installing a wireless CCTV is an easy way to watch all of the entrances and exits at your home or work place. Moreover, it is easy to install and can be completed in about 30 minutes.

Plug the video receiver into a monitor or television using the audio video cables that come with the kit. These are colour coded so you will plug the yellow into yellow, white into white, and red into red.

Plug the monitor and the audio video receiver into a nearby power socket.

Install the wireless CCTV cameras by connecting them to their base and either hanging them to a wall with mounting screws or placing them on a on a level surface and mounting them using the brackets that are included. Plug the camera or cameras into a nearby power supply and plug them into the video transmitter that comes with your kit using the audio video cables. These cables will be colour coded so you will plug yellow into yellow, red into red and white into white. This will send the video signal to the receiver connected to your television. You should now be able to see exactly what your camera is seeing on your computer.

Go back to your monitor and click on the AV/Television switch. You want it set on AV. You should be getting a picture of whatever the camera is seeing. If not then you can adjust the video knob on the television video receiver. Just twist it a bit until the picture comes in. Congratualtions you have successfully set-up your wireless CCTV system.

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