Instructions for Making Wooden Toys

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Wooden toys are classics that every child enjoys. Wooden blocks provide hours of entertainment. They can be made into castles, pirate ships, villages, cities, and so much more. A child's imagination is sparked by a simple wooden toy such as wooden blocks. If you can make a set of wooden blocks, you can apply those basic principles to other wooden toys. Wooden toys are at their best with simple, clean lines. Painting the toys will add life to them. Children will love their wooden toys long after the batteries have died in their modern plastic toys.

Set up the mitre saw to cut 1-inch sections off the 1-inch by 1-inch by 36-inch board. Use a tape measure and scrap wooden block to set up a stop for the saw. Secure the block in place using a clamp. You can then cut out 1- by 1- by 1-inch blocks without having to measure and mark each piece. Cut out as many blocks as you can with the board. Leave the last 6 inches as waste to avoid an unsafe cutting situation.

Sand all the edges of the blocks on a disc sander. You can slightly round the edges by placing the edges against the disc as it rotates. The blocks should be perfectly smooth. You do not want a child to get a sliver from a rough edge.

Paint numbers, letters, animals, shapes, or anything else on the wooden blocks. Use craft paint and a paint brush. Allow the paint to dry before handling. Refer to the craft paint container for specific drying instructions.

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