How to recover corrupted JPEG files off a SD card

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From time to time SD cards (as sturdy as they are) corrupt. The corruption may be due to reformatting, inserting the SD card incorrectly, scratching the surface of the SD card, wetting the SD card, or saving an infected file. No matter what the corruption is, as long as your PC recognises the SD card you can retrieve your deleted files. This even works of you have deleted the files yourself.

Download a file recovery program You can find many of these programs online, but they are not free. In order to see if the program will work for you, you can download the demo version of the program and use it to view deleted files. If it does not show you the files that were on your SD card, try downloading a different program. You will not be able to retrieve the data with the demo version; you will only be able to view the file.

Follow the onscreen prompts to fully install the program and use it correctly. After the installation is complete, restart your system.

Insert the SD card into the SD card reader or internal SD card drive.

Open the downloaded software and follow the onscreen prompts to recover the picture files. Select the files you want to recover, when you are prompted.

Save the recovered files to a location other than your corrupted SD card. Some programs only give you the option of restoring the to your SD card. If you are given the option to save them elsewhere, save the, to your PC.

Open the "My Computer" folder from the start menu and open the SD card from the drives list. Double-click the SD card emblem and make sure the restored photos are back on the SD card.

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