How to restore teak garden furniture

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Teak furniture is well suited for outdoor areas because it is very low maintenance and somewhat water resistant. However, the initial warm golden brown colour of the wood naturally turns grey over time. Restore teak furniture to its original golden brown colour with only a few hours of work and with the help of a commercial teak restoring product.

Mix 1 cup of washing powder and 1 cup of bleach in a gallon of water and apply it to the teak furniture with a stiff brush. Rinse the teak furniture to remove all the suds and dirt. Allow the furniture to dry overnight.

Restore the furniture to its original finish with any of the commercial-grade teak cleaners available at home improvement stores. These products contain hazardous materials, so use gloves and a mask and be extremely careful when teak cleaners. Read all manufacturers' instructions.

Sand the wood lightly after using the teak cleaner. Use a small electric sander to get the job done more quickly.

Apply a coat of teak oil with a brush and allow it to dry for an hour before applying another coat of the teak oil. Add three coats of teak oil in this manner.

Apply the wood sealant with a clean brush using even strokes that follow the wood grain. Allow the first coat to dry for a two to three hours, and then apply another coat, covering the surface evenly. This will preserve the natural colour of the teak furniture. These sealants also contain agents that prevent mould and mildew from growing. This is especially important for furniture that is placed either in humid areas or around pool areas.

Keep the furniture clear of wet areas and out of inclement weather. Teak is resistant to water and warping, but it is not a good idea to expose the furniture to water for long periods of time.

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