How to Calculate Working Days

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Often it is important to know how many days an employee has worked in a certain period. This working time can be used to determine various government and company benefits.

While there are several calculators which can be used to determine working time, you may want to do the calculation manually if your company takes into account time off and sick days in the number of working days.

Add up the amount of days in the period you are looking at. For example, if you are looking at the first quarter, you would add up the number of days in January, February and March to come up with 89 days.

Subtract the number of weekend days in that period. The year will determine how many weekend days there are, so make sure you have a calendar ready. Using the example above in 2010, there were 27 weekend days. Subtract that number from your total number to come up with 62 days.

Count the number of holidays and subtract those from the total in Step 2. This will depend on how many holidays your business observes. For example, if your company only observes major federal holidays (i.e. New Year's, Christmas, Fourth of July), there is only one lost day in the first quarter for New Year's Day. Subtract this number to get a total of 61 working days.

Subtract any days when you called in sick if your company doesn't count sick days in their working days calculation. This will give you the total number of working days in the period.