How to get rid of pigeons in the back garden

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If pigeons have invaded your garden and leave nesting material and droppings as their evidence, then you may be wondering how to remove them from your property. While pigeons are generally friendly and docile, they can be loud, destructive and create large messes. Fortunately, there are relatively simple ways in which to remove them from your garden.

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Remove any source of food, states the Home Repair Geek website. Pigeons often dwell where there is free food and eliminating that source may encourage them to look elsewhere. Unfortunately, this could mean removing any vegetable and fruit plants from your home, or covering them with plastic or nylon netting. In addition, remove all rubbish from your garden and cover your garbage cans.

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Place sturdy pieces of wood or blocks in the areas the pigeons tend to congregate. Doing so will essentially block the pigeons from spending time where they wish. Paint the pieces of wood or blocks the same colour as your home to make them look more aesthetically-pleasing, if desired.

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Place strips of reflective tape around your garden, suggests the Pest Bird and Animal Control website. Reflective tape will change colours and flash at the pigeons when it moves. This type of action usually indicates a sense of danger to a bird and will scare it away.

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Install chicken wire or dark netting in the pigeons' favourite spots, suggests Home Repair Geek. The wire or netting will prevent the birds from entering their desired areas.

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Place a frightening device in your garden, such as a fake snake, owl or other predatory bird. Frequently move the device around your garden so that the pigeons do not become familiar and comfortable with the object.

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Create loud noises or spray the pigeons with a hose each time they enter your garden, states Home Repair Geek. Another option is to activate a sprinkler or other lawn-watering device when the pigeons enter your property. Eventually, the pigeons will associate your garden with these unpleasant tactics and will likely look elsewhere to roost.

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