How to Hook a Laptop Up to Wi-Fi at McDonald's

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Your lunch break can be a chance to catch up on your e-mail and read updates on your favourite websites while you enjoy a meal, and some restaurants like McDonald's offer free wireless Internet access in an attempt to attract customers who like to use their computers while they eat. McDonald's offers free Wi-Fi at most of its United States locations, so bring your laptop and connect to the Internet while having your favourite food.

Click the networking icon in the lower-right corner of the desktop. This icon is shaped like a series of signal bars or a computer monitor with an overlapping Ethernet cable, depending on the current status of the computer's network connection. A new window opens, and the computer scans the area for available wireless access points.

Click the access point with the name "Wayport_Access."

Click the "Connect" button.

Open a Web browser. The browser displays the McDonald's Wi-Fi welcome screen, which displays the terms of service for the restaurant's wireless Internet access.

Click "Connect" to begin using the Internet.

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