How to Siphon Petrol From a Car

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Every now and again, we find that the lawnmower, the snowblower or the motorbike has run out of gasoline (petrol). We could run to the petrol station and get 5 litres (1 gallon) of gasoline, or we could get some out of the car. Fortunately siphoning gasoline from the car is very easy to do when using the proper method for this procedure.

Siphoning petrol from a car

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Remove the gas cap and insert the hose down into the gas tank. Blow into the hose, if you feel resistance or hear bubbling in the gasoline.

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Place a container on ground with the cap off, ensuring that the container is lower than the vehicle's gas tank.

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Suck on the hose and watch for the gasoline to come into the line; when it reaches about 45 cm (18 inches) from your mouth, quickly remove the hose from your mouth and insert it into the container -- it should continue to flow.

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To stop the flow, either pull the hose from the tank or lift the hose up above the gas filler and allow the line to empty back in.

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