How to Make Play Sand Hard for a Path

texture of the sand image by miloka from

A hard sand path is an inexpensive way to provide a stable walking surface through a garden, to areas of the yard or just to clean up a well-traveled area where grass has been reduced to mud. Play sand can be used as a path by itself or as a firm foundation for pavers or stepping stones.

Dig the area for the path approximately 4 inches deep with a shovel. Rake the area smooth with a garden rake.

Lay a 4-foot level along the path and use the rake or a hand shovel to level the path area. Continue along the path checking that the path is level in both directions.

Pour 4 inches of play sand in the path area and level with the back of the garden rake. Check the path for level after smoothing the sand with the rake.

Dampen the sand with water from a hose. A mist setting on a nozzle will provide even coverage without disturbing the sand.

Start from one end of the path and compact the play sand with a plate compactor. Rent a plate compactor from a local building supply rental store for a reasonable price by the day. Follow the operating instructions that will be provided by the rental company. Repeat passes over the entire path three or four times to ensure the sand is thoroughly compacted.

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