How to Troubleshoot LG LCD Televisions

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The high cost of high-tech consumer electronics does not, unfortunately, keep them from malfunctioning, but if something is amiss with your LG LCD television, don't panic. There are plenty of ways to troubleshoot general issues with your TV.

Check your LG LCD TV's connections, making sure cables are inserted completely into the appropriate outputs. Many of the outputs on TV are colour-coded and labelled. HDMI cables go into the HDMI port, component cables go into the appropriately coloured output, and, if the power cable is removable, it should be firmly connected to the TV.

Check the connections of the devices running to your TV, as these, and not the TV, could be the problem. Make sure you're using the right cables to connect the devices to your TV.

Adjust the input option on the TV. Find the button labelled "Source" or "Input," and press it until it matches the connection type of the device you're trying to use (HDMI, A/V, PC, Cable). Other devices that connect directly through your TV's cable jack may need to be set to channel 3 or 4, depending on the device.

Make sure your TV is plugged into a working power outlet or power strip, and that the power strip is turned on. Try your TV in another outlet if this doesn't work.

Flip on your TV's power switch. This is found on the underside of the set. When the power switch is set to "On," a small LED will illuminate on the front of the television.

Try using the buttons on the TV itself, or replace the batteries in the remote control. Use the remote control that came with the TV, as third-party, universal remotes sometimes have compatibility problems.

Disconnect the TV's power supply for roughly 30-seconds to reset it if it still doesn't respond or locks up.