How to Make MP3 CDs With Folders

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Many CD players are beginning to come with the capability to play MP3 CDs. You can fit hundreds of songs onto one MP3 CD, as opposed to 15-20 on a standard disc. If you want to make an MP3 CD with folders for better organization, you can do it with a few clicks of a mouse.

Organize your MP3 files into folders as you want them to appear on the MP3 CD. You can make folders of Genre, Artist, Compilations and Miscellaneous. Drag-and-drop your MP3 files into the correct folders. You may even just want to keep your files organized on the MP3 CD as they are on your system. Create a master folder called "MP3 CD" and drag your file folders into it.

Insert the blank CD-R into your disc drive. Open your CD authoring software and choose "Burn Data Disc."

Locate the "MP3 CD" folder in the file browser and select it as the folder you want to burn to disc. Click "OK" and "Burn Disc."

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