How to plan a 70th birthday party

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A 70th birthday party is a momentous occasion for the guest of honour and their invited guests. Reaching such an advanced age is a milestone, and the celebration should be equally fabulous. Party planning can be stressful.

Planning a 70th birthday party can be even more stressful and intimidating because you are trying to please someone who has most likely seen it all. Try planning the event down to the smallest of details to avoid many unexpected expenses.

Contact the guest of honor's friends and family to tell them of your party plans. Discuss their health, interests and schedule. If you are not a member of the family, be careful not to overstep your boundaries. Divide the tasks as equally as possible to everyone that has agreed to help.

Set an all-inclusive party budget. This will be the determining factor of most of the party decisions that are made. Estimate the greatest amount you can spend, then set your budget £65 under that. This will provide you with a cushion to take care of any unexpected necessities.

Build a birthday party theme that showcases a collection of the guest of honor's favourite things or a memorable moment. Repeat the theme when choosing decorations, invitations and party favours.

Create a guest list. Consider the goal of the party, whether the guest of honour prefers intimate or large settings and if the party is for adults only. A 70-year-old person is likely to have formed many bonds over the years, but don't overwhelm yourself by trying to invite everyone. Compose the guest list primarily of close family members and friends.

Choose a venue that will comfortably hold all invited guests, potential uninvited guests, food, entertainment and helpers. Compare prices and ask about outside food restrictions, maximum seating capacity, time restraints and available catering.

Send invitations to everyone on the finalised guest list. When sending out invitations to families, make sure the parents specify the number of children they are bringing and their ages. Knowing this information will help determine if additional entertainment or other accommodations will be necessary. Remind guests not to spill the beans if the party is a surprise.

Hire a caterer and decorator if the venue does not provide these services. Ask for decorating and food samples before the party. Choose several digestive-friendly foods that older guests can enjoy. If the party is not a surprise, ask the guest of honour which foods he has grown to love over the past 70 years.

Schedule entertainment based on the guest of honor's likes and lifestyle. Music and activities should reflect the party's theme and be appropriate for all ages in attendance.