How Do I Inflate a Tubeless Wheelbarrow Tire?

Wheelbarrow image by Paul Dearden from

A tubeless tire has no inner tube. This means the inside edges of the tire must form an airtight seal with the wheel rim to allow the tire to inflate. Nearly all wheelbarrow tires today are tubeless. Properly inflating one of these tires requires no special skills, but it does involve patience. Position the tire correctly on the rim, or else the seal will not form properly and the tire will not inflate.

Flip wheel barrow over so the wheel faces up for easier access.

Clean the rim of the wheel and inner edge of the tire with a rag and household cleaning solution to remove dirt, grease and debris. Wheelbarrow tires often collect dirt, amd even a small amount on the rim will prevent an airtight seal.

Place both edges of the tire inside the outer edges of the wheel rim. Apply a household lubricant to the wheel rim if necessary to assist in sliding the tire rubber over the rim.

Connect the hose of an electric air pump or compressor to the inflation valve on the tire.

Turn the pump on to inflate the tire. The tire will begin to inflate and the edges of the tire will push against the edge of the rim to form a seal. If not, press the sides of the tire against the wheel rim to assist in forming a seal.

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