How to Repair a Brick Wall With Concrete

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When it comes to repairing brick walls around your home, concrete is the best filler. Concrete is a cement mixture of gravel, water, and sand, and is used to fill the cracks rather than replace a large area of bricks. All you need are the tools to patch up the area and complete the repair.

Place the chisel in the freezer, and then put on all safety gear for the remainder of the project. A cold chisel will cut through the bricks quickly and with ease.

Place the chisel inside of the crack and hammer it until more pieces of the brick fall out. It does not need to be a very deep hole, but a wide hole will help the concrete bond better to the existing brick.

Wipe away the dust with the wire brush, and soak the area with the hose and water. Soaked bricks will help prevent moisture from being absorbed from the fresh concrete.

Stir your concrete compound, a pre-made mixture of gravel, sand, and water. Make sure it is smooth enough to push into the large areas you created. If it needs water to loosen it up, you can add small amounts of water while stirring so you make sure not to add too much.

Scoop a fair amount of concrete compound onto the putty knife and place it inside the holes. Use the knife and your fingers to push it all the way in so all open spaces are filled.

Smooth over the top of the filled area with the trowel to even it out and make it flush with the existing brick wall. Allow the concrete to dry for 24 hours.

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