How to Find out When a Car Was Made

Many manufacturers make updates to vehicles in production midway through a model year, substituting new parts for old ones. As a result, two cars built in the same year may have some different parts installed from the factory. If one of those parts fails, you will need to be armed with your vehicle's build date when purchasing the replacement part. Knowing your build date can also help with certain vehicle specifications, as well as, in rare cases, maintenance issues.

Go to the vehicle in question and open the driver's door.

Look on the trailing edge of the driver's door, near the door latch for a white sticker with black writing printed on it. The sticker may also be somewhere in the driver's door frame itself, so if you do not see it on the door, check the door frame near the leading and trailing edges of the door.

Look for the word "Date" on the sticker. This is usually located in the upper left corner of the sticker.

Write down the four digits after the word "Date." This is your build date, which tells you what month and year the vehicle was built. This sticker is not applied until the vehicle is rolling off the assembly line. Since most modern vehicles are assembled in pieces over the course of several weeks, chances are narrowing it down to the day will not be possible.

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