How to connect a PC to a wireless monitor

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Connecting your computer to a monitor located across the room used to require running a long VGA cable. Now, through the use of wireless USB technology, you can wirelessly send a video signal to a monitor up to 30 feet away. There are a few adaptors on the market, all of which function in a similar manner and are available starting at £97 as of April 2010.

Insert the CD that was included with the adaptor kit into the CD drive of the computer and follow the instructions to install the USB drivers.

Insert the USB transmitter into any open USB port on the computer. The transmitter can also be plugged into a USB hub, should you be using one.

Plug the VGA cable from the monitor that will be used wirelessly into the VGA receiver that was included with the kit. Then, plug the power cable of the adaptor into the power outlet.

Run the software that was installed on the computer. If the software is already running, an icon will be present on the Task Bar, to the left of the clock.

Select the receiver from within the software and click "Extend." This will initiate the wireless video transmission.

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