How to Install Pictures on Tombstones

dramatically lit ancient grave stones image by Stephen Orsillo from

The loss of a loved one can be a painful and difficult thing to deal with. Unfortunately, making funeral arrangements is something that must be done several days after the individual has passed. A way to preserve an everlasting image of that person who has passed is by having his image installed onto his gravestone. The best thing about these photo markers is that they can be installed to pre-existing grave stones. This is great if you are thinking about adding a photograph to a tombstone of someone who has already passed.

Go to Memorials, which has a variety of different tombstone photo options (see Resources). Its grave photos range from £82 to £323 depending on the size and quality you would like the image to have. All of the products are durable and will withstand various outdoor elements, which will allow your headstone images to last forever. Order the photo memorial you like and expect to receive it in the mail in three to four weeks.

Clean the headstone with rubbing alcohol and let this dry. Having a clean tombstone will allow the photo to properly bond. Install your memorial photograph to the tombstone of your choice on a relatively cool day as this will allow the bond to form much better. Measure where you would like to have the photograph, then have your assistant place the photograph onto the tombstone surface where you would like it; stand back to make sure that it is even. Once you are satisfied with its placement, trace the area with a piece of chalk and remove the photo.

Put the double-sided foam tape onto the back side of the photo and press down firmly. Remove the other side of the tape, which will allow you to now place the photo onto the tombstone. Line the photograph up with your marking and press onto the tombstone. Hold the photo against the tombstone for several minutes to make sure it sticks.

Seal the bond between the photo and the tombstone using a silicone sealant to ensure it will stay attached forever. Once you have applied the sealant, you will not be able to remove your photograph, so make sure you are completely satisfied with the placement of the picture. Allow the sealant to dry, step back and admire your work.

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