How to Remove Tile Adhesive From Walls

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New tile in your kitchen or bathroom can really brighten up the room's appearance. If you've finished taking down your old tile and now face the tile adhesive that's all over your walls, don't worry. Using supplies from the local hardware store, you'll be able to remove the tile adhesive from your walls and be ready to put up new tile.

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Wear work gloves and safety goggles for this project. Keep them on at all times, as hard adhesive pieces can get in your eyes or cut your skin as they fly about.

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Chisel large chunks of tile adhesive off the walls. Place the chisel at the edge of the piece of adhesive, holding it at about a 15 degree angle. Use your hammer to gently tap at the end of the chisel to pry off the adhesive. Give a few taps until the tile adhesive becomes loose enough to fall off or be scraped off with the end of the chisel.

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Scrape off smaller bits of tile adhesive using a sharp razor blade. If you can't scrape the adhesive off after a few tries, use the chisel and hammer for that piece.

Apply undiluted fabric softener to the walls using an old but clean towel. The fabric softener will break down any remaining adhesive. Fabric softener is free of the harsh chemicals found in adhesive removers.

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Fill a bucket with plain, warm water and use a sponge to wipe down the walls. This will remove the fabric softener as well as any last trace of adhesive.

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