How to make an anime plushie

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Anime plushies are stuffed dolls of anime characters. They can be decorations, gifts, collectibles or toys. Anime plushies are popular at yearly anime conventions, malls and other places that cater to teenagers and young adults. While they can be purchased from a variety of places, both online and off, some people prefer to create their own anime plushies.

Find or create a character on which to base your anime plushie. It's important to note that anime characters look very humanlike, so the plushie should look like a small person as well.

Fold the fabric so that there are two even layers. This will make the rest of the process easier by cutting down on time and improving the accuracy of the shapes that will be cut from the fabric.

Use a black marker to trace the outline of the anime character on the fabric. If there is more than one color of fabric, then trace the parts that would correspond to the color. For example, if a character has a red hat and nothing else is red, trace the outline of the red hat.

Begin stitching the outside of the plushie with a durable thread. Fold the edges of the fabric slightly inward and press them together. Tie a knot on one end of the thread and place the opposite end through the eye of the needle. Insert the thread into the fabric and pull until the knot hits the fabric and the thread will not pull any further. If there are multiple colored fabrics, do this for each separate part and then combine them together. Leave a small space open where the plushie's head will be. This is where the cotton stuffing will go.

Place cotton stuffing in through the top of the plushie or the plushies head. Use two fingers to push the stuffing down into the plushie and distribute it evenly. Sew the top of the plushie's head so that there are no more gaps.

Use super glue to add any additional features such as eyes, bells or ribbons.

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