How to Make Homemade Pottery With Kids

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Children express themselves by creating works of art. Learning how to create pottery adds another dimension to their artistic abilities and introduces them to a skill that matures with practice and persistence. Teach children the basics of homemade pottery and watch them flourish as they experiment with new shapes and techniques. With time, young potters create beautiful works of art that everyone will admire.

Show your children how to create the pinch pot. Take a piece of clay and roll it into a smooth ball. Put the clay on a flat surface covered with newspaper and press your thumb into the centre. Instruct your children not to press through to the bottom. Make another pinch pot if they make that mistake.

Place one thumb in the hole and place your fingers on the outside to hold the pot stable. Take the other thumb and place it on the opposite side of the hole, with your fingers on the outside of the pot. Press the pot outward with one thumb while holding the pot stable with the other. Help your children perform this step because this technique requires some skill.

Continue to press the pinch pot outward until you achieve the width you want. Make sure your children don't pull the clay with too much pressure; the clay rips with forced manipulation and they'll have to start over.

Make a small ball of clay and roll it on a flat surface with the palms of your hands. Roll the ball back and forth with your palms to form a tubular shape. Continue rolling it until it is the same thickness as the pinch pot.

Place the coil on the pinch pot and pull off extra length. Press the coil down slightly on the edge of the pot. Smooth the edges of the coil into the clay of the pot with your fingers. Continue this process until the coil connects to the pot seamlessly. Add coils to children's pots because this step requires delicate manipulation.

Continue adding coils if you want to make a vertical, straight structure like a cup.

Shape the clay by adding varying lengths of coils. Make a thinner section by adding a coil that fits on the inside edge of the pinch pot; make a wider section by adding a coil that fits on the outside edge of the pinch pot.

Place the coil in the appropriate spot and smooth the coil clay seamlessly into the pinch pot. Do not try to change the shape too quickly. If you add thicker or taller coils, the shape will collapse.

Let your children smooth the outside and inside of the pot with their fingers. Instruct them to press lightly and move their fingers in a downward, sweeping motion.

Let your children decide what types of designs they would like to add to the pinch pot. Keep the shapes simple so they can do the designs themselves.

Make little balls of clay and place them on the newspaper. Manipulate the clay with your fingers to create shape. For example, make a star by pressing the clay inward to make five points.

Place the shape onto the pot and press it down lightly. Hold the pot in your hands. Press the clay on the edges of the shape into the pot. Maintain the shape of the clay by defining the edges with your fingers after the shape is securely connected to the pot. Instruct your children not to hold the pot too tightly because it is not hard enough to withstand pressure.

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