How to remove butter stains from leather

Overstuffed Brown Leather Reclining Sofa image by James Phelps from

When a greasy butter stain spills onto a leather surface, it is important to clean the leather as quickly as possible. By acting quickly, you will remove much of the butter before it has the opportunity to penetrate deep into the leather, thereby making the cleaning process much easier on your part. Butter stains can be removed with a bit of time and a few inexpensive household cleaning products.

Sprinkle a heavy coating of cornflour or talcum powder over the stain as soon as it occurs. Either powder will work as an absorbing agent, pulling the butter out of the leather surface. Let the powder sit at least two hours, or overnight if possible.

Wipe the powder away with a cleaning cloth.

Rinse the cleaning cloth with warm water. Wring out the cloth and pour a drop of liquid dish soap onto the rag, which will work as a degreasing agent.

Wipe the soapy cloth over the leather surface to remove any remaining butter stain.

Rinse the cloth with clean water, and wipe over the leather once more to remove any soap or butter residue.

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