Cow Mask Crafts

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Count on getting lots of compliments and hearty laughs when you arrive at a costume party dressed as a cow. Whether it's a party for kids, teens or adults, revellers won't be able to resist "mooing" at you. Cow masks are also a good teaching tool to support lessons about dairy farms and cows. You can make basic masks from simple craft materials or create more complex designs.

Paper Bag Cow Mask

A couple of paper bags, glue, tempera paint and a picture of a cow to use as a guide are the main items you need to create a paper bag cow mask. Start by cutting eye holes in a paper bag. Paint the bag white and let it dry, then paint on brown spots in various shapes and sizes, using the cow picture as a guide. Cut ear shapes out of another paper bag. Paint them and let them dry, then give them some form and glue them to the head. Finish up by painting a nose and mouth on the mask.

Football Helmet Cow Mask

Use a child's football helmet with a face guard to create a cow mask. Purchase about 1/3 to 1/2 yard of fabric and some cotton batting; most fabric stores carry fabric that resembles the hide of a cow. Cover the helmet with the fabric, using the face guard to help shape the snout. Fill it in with batting to help shape the face. Cut and shape the ears and sew them on. Use large buttons for eyes or use doll eyes from a craft store.

Paper-Mache Cow Mask

Make a cow mask out of a balloon and paper-mache. Inflate a balloon that is big enough so the finished mask will fit over your head. Fully cover the balloon in newspaper strips dipped in a mixture of 1 part flour and 2 parts water. This will form the cow's head. Use bunched up paper or cardboard to help shape the cow's head, if necessary. Add paper-mache ears. When the mask is fully dry, pop the balloon and cut out eye holes, then paint it to look like a cow.

Paper Plate Cow Mask

Making a cow mask out of a paper plate is a simple craft that even little kids can do. Draw a cow's face on a paper plate with markers or tempera paint. Punch a hole on either side of the mask and thread a piece of elastic string through them to hold the mask on your head.

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