How to Buy Dried Gourds

gourd image by sonya etchison from

Gourds are one of the largest forms of fruit available. They are also some of the most varied in appearance as well. Though the colouring of the gourds may not seem natural at first, they can actually grow in stripes of red, orange, green, yellow and blue. Dried gourds make an interesting addition to your home as a decoration.

Visit local nurseries in your area. They may have some gourds that they dry before they sell them. If not, ask the nursery owner if they might know where you can purchase some dried gourds.

Visit your local grocery store to see if they currently have any dried gourds in stock. If you do not find them on your own, ask one of the employees if they currently stock dried gourds.

Examine the gourds once you find them. Choose the colours and the shapes you enjoy best. They come in shapes that can resemble anything from an odd pear to a mid-sized pumpkin.

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