How to Use a Driving Iron

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Using a driving iron helps you achieve more control and accuracy off of the tee box. The shaft of a driving iron is shorter than that of a driver which gives the player better control of the club. However, the driving iron has a longer shaft than all other irons, which allows the player to achieve maximum distance.

Understand the difference between different types of clubs. A driving iron is a golf club that is used off of the tee. People sometimes prefer to use a driving iron rather than a driver because it has a shorter shaft and provides more control. You should practice using your driving iron at the driving range before heading out to the course.

Position the ball appropriately. The set-up when using a driving iron is similar to the set-up you would use when hitting your three-iron out of the fairway. The ball should be positioned on a tee, since you are on the tee box, and you should be slightly back in your stance.

Hit the ball on the downswing to keep it low and straight and to increase the distance. The swing and follow-through with a driving iron is the same as with your other lower irons. Keep the swing and follow-through at a natural pace.

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