How to make decorative fruit bottles

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Many homeowners and restaurant owners take decorating their kitchens and dining rooms very seriously. They want to create a comfortable but tasteful atmosphere. They know that too much opulence makes the space feel uncomfortable and stiff while very casual decorations send the wrong message. One simple, homemade decoration that can spice up any kitchen is homemade fruit bottles. These decorative bottles filled with pretty pieces and slices of fruit suspended in oil or vinegar offer a pretty addition to any decor They can sit on shelves, on tables as centrepieces or on sunny windowsills. You can make these decoration at home with a few simple supplies.

Cut larger fruits such as lemons, limes and oranges into slices thin enough so you can see the light through them. Carefully wash and remove the dirt from smaller fruits such as strawberries and cherries. You may also need to slice smaller fruits such as kiwi to fit them through the bottle neck.

Line the bottom of your bottle with citrus fruit slices as a foundation for your design. Fold them to slip them through the neck and use the tip of your knife to settle them in place. Layer the rest of your fruit as desired, keeping as much of it near the edge of the bottle as possible.

Pack your fruit densely so it does not move. Do this by working from the centre of each layer out and pressing the outermost fruits in place with your knife.

Pour white vinegar or clear oil into the bottle over the fruit. Sweet almond oil works well. Unlike other oils or vinegars, these colourless liquids will let the fruit colours show clearly.

Push a cork into the neck of your bottle, pressing it down as far as you can.

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