How to Make a UFO Out of Paper

UFO @ Botanic Gardens Christchurch image by sun_orbiter from

Unidentified flying objects, commonly known as UFOs, are one of mankind's big mysteries. Many people are fascinated with the idea of alien life on other planets, and often kids love exploring this topic too. If you, or your child, are interested in things like aliens and UFOs, learn how to make a simple paper UFO that can make for fun play time and a great display piece.

Glue two paper plates together so that the insides are facing each other. Paper plates with more rounded edges are best for this, as opposed to the ones that have fluted-out, or flatter rims.

Paint your saucer with acrylic latex paint, based on your own design and colours of your choosing, to look like a spaceship. For example, You can use silver paint as a base, then paint lights and windows once that paint dries.

Take four pieces of black pipe cleaner and cut them to about 4 inches long, then intertwine them so that you have one thick piece. Repeat this step three more times.

Poke four holes into the bottom of your UFO saucer equidistant apart, so that they would form a square if you drew lines between them.

Push one of your thick pieces of pipe cleaner through one of the holes and apply glue around the hole to hold pipe cleaner in. Do this again with your remaining pieces of thick pipe cleaner, and your remaining holes.

Stand your UFO up on the pieces of pipe cleaner and enjoy.

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