How to Get a Warranty on a Logitech Mouse

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All Logitech pointing devices, such as mice, have automatic warranties that begin on the date of purchase and last a certain number of years depending on the product type. Logitech mice typically have a three- to five-year limited hardware warranty. Warranty limitations or restrictions vary by product. In addition to automatic limited warranties, Logitech mouse users can purchase additional protection through a third-party repair program or an entirely new protection plan agreement through a third party after the Logitech warranty period ends.

Purchase additional coverage when you buy your Logitech mouse (if available). If purchasing in a store, ask about protection or repair plans at the point-of-sale. If purchasing online, call the vendor's customer service number and ask if additional coverage is available.

Check the original packaging or documentation that came with your Logitech mouse to determine when your product's Limited Hardware Warranty period ends if you bought your Logitech mouse without additional coverage. If you don't have the original packaging or documentation, retrieve the information from the Logitech Limited Hardware Warranty and Pointing Device Warranty Duration Web pages (see Resources).

Pick up additional coverage during your Limited Hardware Warranty period or a new protection agreement after your warranty period ends if you didn't purchase coverage originally when you purchased your mouse. Pick up the coverage through the vendor that originally sold you the mouse or through a tech desk at an electronic store. Many electronics stores have independent protection programs with a full staff of technical support agents that can evaluate any damage or equipment dysfunction and then conduct repairs and/or offer a replacement or a credit toward a new purchase if the mouse is beyond repair.

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