How to Use PayPal with an eCheck

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PayPal’s eCheck is a method of payment that works similarly to a traditional check. The only difference between a traditional check and an eCheck is that one is transmitted physically while the other is done electronically. An eCheck uses a bank account that is associated with your PayPal account to send payments. Typically, it takes between three to five business days for your recipient to receive your eCheck payment. PayPal’s eChecks can be used to make purchases or pay utility bills.

Sign in to your PayPal account and then click on the “Send Money” tab.

Type the name of the recipient and the payment amount in the “To” and “Amount” boxes, respectively, and then choose the purpose of the payment under the “Purchase” or “Personal” tab.

If you are sending the eCheck for a purchase, select the “Purchase” tab; select the “Personal” tab if you are sending the eCheck for other purposes such as a payment owed.

If you select the “Purchase” tab, you must choose “Goods,” “Services,” or “eBay Items” as the purpose of your purchase; select “Gift,” “Payment Owed,” “Cash Advance,” “Living Expense” or “Other” if you choose the “Personal” tab.

Click on the “Continue” button located at the bottom of the page, select “Change” and then choose “eCheck.”

Select “Continue,” review the information displayed and then click “Send Money.” You have successfully sent an eCheck payment.

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