How to align a shower door

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You love the shower doors in your new home, but there's a problem: the doors don't shut properly. When you slide the door to the wall to shut it, there's a gap at the bottom where the door is supposed to meet the frame. This occurs when the side wall of the shower enclosure isn't square, and it is a pretty common occurrence in homes. You'll be pleased to learn that shower doors are designed with this in mind, and it's not too complicated to adjust a shower door to fit properly.

Open both shower doors so that they are centred in the frame.

Place one hand on each side of the outer door and lift the door 2.5 cm (1 inch).

Swing the bottom of the door outward to clear the bottom frame and place the door against a wall or solid surface where it cannot fall.

Locate the rollers on the top of the door; you will see they're held in place by a screw. The roller screw hole has a series of holes on either side, placed in a diagonal pattern.

Remove the outside roller with a screwdriver and reinstall it in the next hole down if your door doesn't meet the wall at the bottom of the frame; if the gap is at the top of the frame, then move the inside roller up one hole.

Replace the door in the frame by lifting it into place, resting the rollers on the outer top rail on the inside of the top frame.

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