How to Make Your Own Kazoo From a Comb & Tissue Paper

Polka Dot Images/Polka Dot/Getty Images

With a kazoo, anyone can create beautiful music without having to master an instrument -- all you need to do is hum. Even a young child can make her own kazoo with a comb and tissue paper. Within moments, the homemade instrument will be ready to use.

Lay a sheet of tissue paper flat on a work surface.

Place the pocket comb onto the tissue paper.

Cut the tissue paper large enough to fold over one long edge of the comb.

Fold the tissue paper over the comb to cover it.

Hold the comb parallel to your mouth with the tissue paper resting lightly against your lips.

Hum through your lips into the comb so your breath goes through the tissue paper and through the teeth of the comb.

Hum songs and tunes through the tissue paper to make a kazoo-like sound with the comb. Press lightly with your lips on the tissue paper to allow it to vibrate on the teeth of the comb.

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