How to get rid of brown ladybirds in the house

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Ladybirds come in lots of colours. The brownish ones, with or without black spots, are known as Asian lady beetles. They might be cute, and they might be good for gardeners; but when they infest the inside of a home they're an annoyance. Ladybirds, including brown ones, are attracted to the warmth of a home, whether it be the internal heat radiating out or the heat radiating off a sun-warmed slab of siding. Once a few thousand Asian lady beetles are on the wall, it's just a matter of time before some of them somehow get in the house. Ladybird infestations of homes are not unusual when summer ends as they search for a place to overwinter. Although pesticides are effective at removing the insects, you can avoid chemicals by simply vacuuming them. According to Ladybug Lady, a website organised by a ladybird expert, the Ladybug Black Light Trap is helpful at catching remaining ladybirds in your home.

Seal the cracks in your home with a caulk gun to prevent further insects from entering your home.

Plug the Ladybug Black Light Trap into an electrical socket in your home to attract the ladybirds to a single area.

Vacuum up the ladybirds, and promptly remove the vacuum bag from the vacuum cleaner.

Throw out the vacuum bag to prevent the ladybirds from making their way back into your home.

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