How to properly use a steam iron

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When you steam iron your clothes, you keep them looking their best. Besides removing wrinkles, steam ironing helps clothing keep its shape and fit. When steam ironing several items, sort them according to the different heat and steam settings required for the fabric.

Generally, use low settings without steam for fabrics like polyester, rayon, silk, nylon, suede and permanent press. Use medium steam settings for velvet and wool fabric. High steam settings work best on linen and cotton. You may need to sprinkle water on thick, wrinkled cotton in addition to steam ironing to remove the wrinkles.

Unplug your steam iron. Pour 120 ml (1/2 cup) of tap water into the opening of the water tank. Plug your iron in.

Turn the temperature dial to the setting you desire for your fabric. If your iron has a separate steam dial, adjust the steam dial to the steam setting you prefer. Wait about two minutes for the iron to reach this temperature.

Iron by moving the iron evenly back and forth across the piece of clothing or fabric. Steam will release as you move the iron.

Press the spray button if your steam iron has one to spray cotton or linen fabric containing many wrinkles.

Turn the temperature control off when you have finished ironing. Unplug the iron, and allow it to cool.

Empty the water from your iron by tilting the iron over a sink. Always empty the water out after ironing. Use caution when pouring the hot water out to avoid burning yourself.

Store the iron sitting upright with the cord wrapped loosely around it after it has cooled.