How to Copy & Paste a Link From Mail to a Browser Address Bar

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Every now and then you will receive an e-mail that contains a hyperlink. By clicking on the link inside of the email, you are transported to the link through your computer's Internet browser. There are times when clicking on the email link does not produce the desired outcome. If this happens, there is a way that you can copy the link from your mail and paste it into the browser address bar.

Log in to your e-mail account with the username and password that is assigned to you by your e-mail service provider.

Locate the folder that contains the email message you want to open. For example, the inbox folder, sent mail folder or junk mail folder. Once you have located the message, double-click on the email message to open it. Locate the link inside of the message.

Click and hold down your left mouse button as you drag your cursor over the link. As you drag the mouse over the link, the link will become highlighted.

Press “Ctrl” + “C” simultaneously on your computer keyboard.

Open your Internet browser. Place your mouse cursor at the end of the browser's address bar.

Double-click your mouse inside of the address bar. This will cause the current address that is in the bar to become highlighted. Press the “Delete” button on your computer keyboard to delete the address.

Press “Ctrl” + “V” simultaneously on your keyboard to paste the copied e-mail link into the address bar of the browser.

Press “Enter” on your keyboard to access the page link.

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