How to Get Scratch Marks Out of Stainless Steel Jewelry

Removing scratches from stainless steel jewellery is a fairly simple process provided that you have the right supplies. You may need to visit your local jeweller or buy some of the supplies online but it's worth the small initial investment.

Removing the scratches yourself is much less expensive and time consuming than taking it to a jewellery repair shop. You'll also have the items available for your use at any time to keep your stainless steel jewellery looking like new.

Rub the piece of jewellery with a double-sided jeweller's cloth to remove fine scratches on polished stainless steel. Begin by using the inner side of the jeweller's cloth to gently remove the scratch and follow with the outer side to smooth and polish.

Apply a small amount of jeweller's polishing compound to a soft cloth and very lightly rub the areas where deeper scratches are present.

Wipe the area with a damp, soft cloth, making sure to remove all polishing compound and then dry. Repeat step one to remove any remaining scratches and polish the piece.

Rub the scratched surface with a jeweller's cloth. According to, you will need to take extra care when trying to remove scratches from brushed stainless steel because rubbing too briskly or too hard can leave a shiny spot on brushed steel. You may want to try it out on an unseen surface of the piece before attempting to remove the scratches from the upper surface.

Remove deep scratches from brushed stainless steel by using a fibreglass brush. Latex gloves should be worn for this task. For the best results, rub with the grain of the brushed stainless steel, not against it. Brush one small area at a time.

If the scratched surface is a larger area, rub the area with the buffing block, going with the grain. This task can require some patience but by taking your time you should obtain satisfactory results.