How to sell ebooks on Amazon

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Selling your ebooks on Amazon is both easy and free, to some extent, because you don't have to pay to have your ebooks featured in Amazon's catalogue. The fee for listing your ebook in Amazon is sales based. For every ebook you sell, Amazon takes a percentage. Unlike other ebook retailers, however, the only ebook format available on Amazon is Kindle. When you upload your ebook to Amazon's digital text platform, the DTP will automatically convert your ebook to the Kindle format for you.

Create a copy of your ebook in HTML, plain text or Microsoft Word (using the .doc, not .docx format). Of the three choices, the HTML format converts to Kindle the best.

Log into Amazon's digital text platform. If you've ever purchased anything from Amazon before, you should already have an assigned username and password. You can use it to log into DTP. If you don't already have an account with Amazon, click the "Sign Up" button to create one.

Go to the "My Shelf" tab. Click the "Add New Item" button.

Enter the product details for your ebook, starting with the title. Add a brief summary description (no longer than 4,000 characters). Click the "Add/Edit" button in the author field to enter the author's name. Enter the ebook's ISBN number; an ISBN is not required in order to publish an ebook on Amazon, but it's a good idea to purchase one. An International Standard Book Number is a 9, 10 or 13-digit number that uniquely identifies a book. If you're self-publishing your ebook, enter your name in the "publisher" field. Use the language drop-down menu to highlight the language your ebook is written in. Enter a publication date in the "Pub Date" field.

Choose a subject category for your ebook by clicking the "Add/Edit" button in the category field. Then enter a few keywords in the "Search Keywords" field to make it easier for Amazon customers to find your ebook.

Configure your digital rights management (DRM). If you want to restrict unauthorised access and copying of your ebook, highlight "Enable DRM."

Click the "Upload Image" button to upload a picture of your ebook cover.

Click "Save entries"; then "Confirm Content Rights." Highlight the territories where you would like your ebook sold, then check the box next to, "I confirm that I have the right to upload this content," to verify that you are the copyright owner of the ebook.

Click the "Browse" button in the media location field to locate your ebook file on your computer, then click "Upload."

Wait for the conversion process to complete. You'll be prompted to preview the book to see if any edits are needed. It is strongly recommended that you do so. If any edits are needed, download your ebook file in Kindle format from the DTP, make any necessary modifications in the Kindle file you just downloaded, save this new file on your computer, then upload it again to Amazon's DTP and check it again.

Enter your suggested retail price, then click "Save." The status in the DTP publication bar for your newly uploaded ebook should now say "Ready." Click "Publish."

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