How to keep wasps away from your house

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Wasps are insects that contain tiny stingers. Wasps will sting humans or animals if they feel threatened in any way. The sting itself will go away after a few minutes, but some individuals can have a severe allergic reaction to the wasp sting. This can result in hospitalisation, and in some cases death. It is best to do your part to keep the wasps away from your home.

Pour 1 litre of liquid out of the 2-litre bottle.

Take a utility knife and cut around the top of the 2-litre fizzy drink bottle where the bottle begins to curve inward and upward.

Remove the top piece and take off the bottle cap. Then smear jam all over the opening at the top.

Flip the top piece of the fizzy drink bottle upside down and stick it back on the bottom of the soda bottle. It should resemble a funnel on top.

Tape around the edge so that the top doesn't come loose.

Set this wasp trap on a 1.20 metre (4 foot) piece of wood or wooden stand. Make sure you leave it out where you saw the wasps. The wasps will be attracted to the trap, and not your house. They will then fall in the trap and drown.

Change the trap out daily until you no longer have any wasps in the area.

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