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How to Fix an HP Laptop Space Bar

The spacebar is one of the most essential keys on your keyboard when typing text documents. If it falls off or breaks, replacing it can be a frustrating task. Unfortunately there is no repair guide for HP laptop keyboards because most laptop keyboards have the same three components. These components consist of the key and the key retainer. The spacebar is slightly different from the rest of the keys on the HP keyboard because it is held in place by one long metal retainer that extends from one end of the bar to the other end, and it connects to the keyboard with three small plastic pieces.

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Use a small flathead screwdriver to separate the metal retainer from the spacebar. The retainer is a long metal piece with two hooks on each end.

Hook each end of the metal retainer through the two small holes in the notches on either side of the spacebar slot on the keyboard frame.

Place the spacebar back onto the keyboard until it snaps into place and connects to the metal retainer.


Do not press too firmly when replacing the spacebar key. The plastic retainer pieces on the keyboard frame can break very easily.

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Things You'll Need

  • Flathead screwdriver

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