How to install new kitchen cabinet door hinges

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Install new kitchen cabinet door hinges to give your kitchen an updated look. There's no need to spend money on new cabinets when you can upgrade the hardware. New high-quality hinges are more reliable. They also decrease the chance of squeaky kitchen cabinets. Purchase the materials from a hardware or home improvement store. This project should take one afternoon to complete.

Remove the old hinge screws from the cabinet with a screwdriver. Take down the cabinets. Unscrew the old hinge from the cabinet. Discard or save for another project.

Hold up the new hinge to the location of the old hinge in the cabinet frame to see if both of the screw holes match. Line up the top holes.

Fill the bottom holes with wood filler if the hinge holes do not match up. Do this for both the frame and cabinet door. Take a small amount of wood filler on your finger and smooth it into the holes until the holes are filled. Allow the wood filler to set for at least three hours.

Line up the top hole in the hinge with the top hole in the frame. Mark the location for the new bottom hole with a pencil. Do the same for the cabinet door.

Create the new pilot holes with the power drill. The drill bit should be slightly smaller than the width of the screw.

Screw the hinges on the cabinet door with a screwdriver. A screwdriver provides better control than a power drill. Screw the hinges into the cabinet frame. The screws should be snugly in place, but not too tight. Screws that are too tight create tension, which can weaken the hinge.

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