How to Recover My AOL Favorites

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AOL enables its users to add their favourite web destinations to the AOL Favorite Places interface. This makes it easier for you to access websites or web-based files that you use regularly. There are various reasons why you may lose your AOL Favorites, including when you upgrade to a newer version of the AOL desktop client software. Your AOL Favorites are safely kept in the AOL desktop client; however, to recover them you must restart the AOL software and import them using the set-up wizard.

Restart your AOL desktop software by clicking on the "Sign Out" tab displayed on the upper-right region of the window and then clicking the "Sign Out" option from the drop-down menu. This refreshes your AOL Favorite Places and may fix the problem.

Click the "x" displayed on the upper-right corner of the window to close the AOL window. Restart the AOL desktop software by clicking on the "AOL Desktop" icon displayed on your desktop.

Sign in by typing your screen name and password in the corresponding fields and then click the "Sign In" tab. Check if your AOL Favorites are now being displayed; if they are still not there, proceed.

Click the "Help" tab on the upper-right region of the window and then click the "Setup Wizard" option from the drop-down menu.

Click the "Finish" tab displayed on the window that says "Import AOL Favorites" and "Import AOL Mail (Personal Filing Cabinet)."

Click the "Continue" tab and your AOL Favorites will be imported. Click the "Continue" or "Skip" tab when asked if you want to import your AOL Mail (Personal Filing Cabinet).

Click to remove the check-marks from the boxes displayed beside where it says "Make AOL Desktop My Default Browser" and "Make AOL Desktop My Default e-mail Application." If you do want to make AOL Desktop your default browser and e-mail application, leave them checked.

Click the "Continue" tab and then click "OK" to complete the process. Your AOL favourites will now be displayed in your AOL Favorite Places.

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