How to Freeze Dry Carrots

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Freeze dried food is cooked or fresh food that has been frozen in order to remove the water content from the food. The food can then be rehydrated with a small amount of water and is ready to consume. Freeze drying is typically used in food that needs to be compact, non-perishable and easy to carry. Freeze drying equipment is available but many items, such as carrots, can be freeze dried at home.

Cut the carrots into very thin slices. Note that very fresh carrots will work best and taste better when rehydrated than carrots that are several days old.

Arrange the carrot slices on a perforated tray. A small cooling rack or mesh tray will work well.

Place the tray into the freezer and leave it there for one week or longer, depending on the temperature of the freezer. A colder freezer will work faster than one that is not as cold.

Touch the carrots after about a week. They should feel completely dry to the touch.

Reconstitute the carrots by placing them in a bowl and adding a small amount of boiling water. The carrots should taste and look similar to their original state when reconstituted.

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