How to Make Grain of Rice Jewelry

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Writing on grains of rice and suspending them in glass vials makes for eye-catching pieces of jewellery. It's easy to customise the gifts for friends and family because you can write names, initials and draw simple images such as hearts and flowers. It can be tricky to write on the rice, so give yourself time to practice and make sure you're working in a well-lit area with a comfortable chair. Try different types of long-grain rice to see which are easiest to write on and which look best.

Set up your workspace with the magnifying light focused where your hands will be working on the rice.

Place a grain of rice into the clay or putty, which will hold it in place so you can work on one side.

Use a technical pen to draw a simple picture or write the desired word, name or initials. It may take several tries before you're able to draw or write clearly. Make sure the ink has dried thoroughly before proceeding.

Drop the grain of rice into the glass vial and fill the vial with baby oil. This magnifies the grain of rice, making it easier to read. Put the stopper on the vial and make sure it does not leak.

Hook the vial onto a chain to wear as a pendant, or put it on a keychain ring. You also can wear the vials as earrings or charms for bracelets. Earring hooks and jump rings for bracelet charms can be purchased at jewellery supply stores.

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