How to Display Paper Money

One of the many different items that people like to collect is old money. This money can be from other countries or your own country but is no longer legal tender. Displaying money is a great way to show off your collection to visitors. You'll want to properly display the money, though, and make sure it's protected against the elements. You could pay to have someone create displays for your collection, but the techniques are easy enough for you to do it yourself.

Buy a picture frame that is larger than your paper money. Make sure you have several inches of space around the paper money to allow for matting.

Place the quilt batting on a flat surface. Lay the glass of the picture frame on top of your batting. Cut a piece of batting to match the size of the glass.

Measure the paper money and add 3 inches all the way around. Use this measurement to cut out the centre of the first mat. Draw lines to those measurements in the centre of the mat. Use the straight edge of the ruler and the utility knife to cut out the opening.

Cut out an opening--½ to ¾ of an inch larger than the original--from the centre of another mat to allow the first mat to show.

Clean the glass of the frame. Make sure it is dry before adding your paper money. Lay the glass inside the frame.

Lay the paper money in the exact centre of the glass. Place the two mats on top of the money. Add the quilt batting last.

Set the backing of the frame on top of everything. Turn it over, holding the back in place to inspect your work. Make sure everything is well placed and centred. Make any adjustments if necessary.

Secure the frame backing to complete the project.

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