How to identify pink flowering tree blooms

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Pink flowering tree blooms covers a wide range of plants, all the way from cherry and tulip trees to dogwood and poinciana trees. With such a wide variety of trees that produce pink blossoms, identifying a tree with flowering pink blooms is a little more involved than performing an Internet search. Fortunately, it is actually very simple to identify a tree by its blossom.

Examine the bloom on the tree. Take special note of its characteristics, including the shape and size of the buds as well as the texture of the petals and any perfume that the tree's buds may be producing.

Take close-up photos of the tree blooms with a camera using the macro setting. These photos will be useful for comparison, and if you need to consult someone else for identification.

Consult a tree guidebook for examples of trees that are native to your area. Get guidebooks from your local library that include photos of foliage and flowers to help you identify specific trees.

Contact your local nursery for help identifying ornamental trees that may not be native to the area, such as a flowering dogwood or Japanese cherry tree.

Post your photos online to a tree identification forum.

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